Find Who Pays breaks new ground in the construction industry with an innovative and trustworthy peer-to-peer review website for general contractors and subcontractors to rate and score each other, resulting in a more honest and reliable search.

It seems systemic in the trade:


Quote a project

Without knowing anything about the customer.

Receive a downpayment

Before beginning the project.


Do the project

Complete the work, pay for parts and your employees.

Receive insufficient pay

When you go to collect the remainder of the agreed upon amount.

Find Who Pays helps to level the playing field by letting your peers know who does quality work and who doesn’t, who completes their work on time and who doesn’t, and, most importantly, find who pays and who doesn’t.

Help your fellow contractors & subcontractors

Leave an honest, detailed and anonymous review to hold your peer accountable to do the right thing.

Avoid Bad Situations from the Beginning

It’s often enough to make a dent in your business, but not always enough to hire a lawyer, place a mechanics lien, and go to court.

We’re Built on Trust

Authenticity and trust are our top priorities. Businesses cannot pay to alter or delete their reviews.