Why you should work with a reputable Contractor if you’re a Subcontractor

The answer to this might seem obvious, but you can save yourself a lot of aggravation by working with someone with a proven professional track record.

When you attach your name to a job as a subcontractor, you want to be sure the entire team you’ll be working with is fair, honest, and known for good quality work since it can impact you and your reputation as well in the long run. As a subcontractor, there is a constant need for efficiency and transparency throughout your projects. Good communication is key and follow through is absolutely necessary to build strong professional relationships. The trickle-down effect of bad communication can be damaging not only between contractor and subcontractor, but to your employees and clients.

Know Who You’re Working With

It is not always possible to do extensive research on thegeneral contractors you will work with. However, doing a little bit of homework beforehand can go a long way. Peer-to-peer reviews can help make this process easier by getting information directly from others that have worked with them in the past, and you can be prepared by knowing what to look for and what to ask before entering into an agreement.

Things to Consider:

Quality of work: Working with a reputable contractor means you can rest assured that they have experience executing successful projects that meet client needs in a timely fashion. Before getting started, here are some questions you can ask:

Relationships with clients: Do they have a stable relationship with clients they’ve worked with previously? Choosing the wrong contractors to work with may harm your own relationships with clients, now and in the future. Getting to know how contractors clients view them can be beneficial for you and your employees and prepare you for any issues they may have faced in the past. You’ll want to avoid those known for delivering less than satisfactory work, or those who are known to be problematic to work with. Remember, their reputation can rub off on you.

One of the most important subjects for a subcontractor when entering into a relationship with a general contractor is the matter of getting paid on time.

When entering into a business relationship in this industry, there seems to be a familiar cycle. You quote a project without any information on the contractor you’ll be working with and receive a down payment.
You complete the work to the best of your ability, meet your deadlines, and deliver the results you promised. When it comes time to settle the remainder of your invoice, you receive insufficient pay. What happens next can result in a financial hit for your business, but not one that is big enough to place a mechanic’s lien on the contractor and go to court.Sometimes the reason may be unavoidable or unintentional, such as going bankrupt mid-project, but occasionally, and unfortunately, it can be a case of a contractor stiffing subs unfairly and without any reason. This puts everyone in a position they don’t want to be in. It is a contractor’s responsibility to ensure that you and your employees are paid for the work that you do on a job. If they do not, you do have grounds to pursue legal action against them however this is a long, and often frustrating process. You can pursue a contractor directly,but this may cost you more than it’s worth in legal fees, time, and energy.

In the case of contractors that are simply refusing to pay due to bad business practices, you may be able to avoid this by getting to know them through referrals or peer-to-peer reviews. When you can see positive reviews from others who have worked with general contractors in the past, it greatly improves your confidence in entering into a relationship with them.

Peer-to-peer reviews are one of the most direct ways you can be sure the contractor you’re working with has a good reputation and is someone you feel comfortable working with. The more you know the more smoothly your contracts will go and you can make informed decisions about who you want to work with. Get access to authentic and honest reviews of general contractors on FindWhoPays.com.

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